Dinner – Main Courses

Dinner menu is served weekdays 4pm through close and all day Saturday and Sunday.

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Beef Stew – Russkaya Podzharka

The newest addition to our delicious portfolio. Beef stew served over mashed potatoes with carrot salad, marinated beets, baby pickle and sweet stuffed baby pepper

Lamb Shank

Braised lamb shank in a rich stew of carrots, red peppers, celery, tomatoes, garlic and spices. Served over mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach

Moulard Duck Leg

2 perfectly roasted wild Moulard duck legs served with a Madeira wine-berry sauce, sautéed sauerkraut on the bed of mashed potatoes with poached prunes and raisins

Vegetarian Stuffed Eggplant

1pc 16.00
Baby eggplant stuffed with sautéed onions, carrots, red and green pepper, turnip and celery. Served on a bed of rice with tomato sauce, marinated beets and carrot salad

Russkie Chicken Kotletkas Patties

Three sautéed Ground Chicken breast Kotletkas, served with shitake mushroom béchamel sauce, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, baby pickle.
Roasted Duck Breast with Duck StrudelIf there is a dish that would give a sense of how Imperial Russian Court aristocracy used to indulge, this latest delectable addition would do the job. Moulard duck breast, mashed potatoes with poached prunes, raisins, nuts, Madeira wine berry sauce, duck strudel and daikon straw



Pork Loin Schnitzel

Pork Loin Schnitzel with Hunter Kielbasa and Ukrainian Kielbasas served with mashed potatoes, garlic sauce, sauerkraut and horseradish.

Chicken Liver Schnitzel

Lightly sautéed and served on the bed of buckwheat kasha with sauerkraut, horseradish and carrot salad.

Tilapia Filet en Pappillote

Enveloped in foil with fresh basil and tomatoes, steamed to order, tantalizing. Served with red pepper coulis, mashed potatoes, sautéed sauerkraut, fresh cabbage

Salmon Crepe Blinchik s Lososinoi I s Ikroi

4 Thin crepes served with Norwegian smoked salmon, salmon caviar, and sour cream. Garnished with lemon, cucumber, tomato and chopped onions

Guriev Blini

Two Russian pancakes served with melted butter, raspberry sauce and sour cream.
Blini itself 16.00   With 2oz salmon caviar 38.00
With Salmon Caviar 38.00

Uzbek Mung Bean Stew Mashkitchiri

An import from India has been a vegetarian darling in Uzbekistan, now nourishes Chicagoans

Uzbek Vegetarian “Layer” Stew Domlama

A vegetarian must! A delightful stew of potatoes, carrots, beets, cabbage, tomatoes, garlic, red peppers and onions with a touch of cumin. The secret to this dish is that we slowly cook the layered vegetables, allowing the flavors to complement each other. Accompanied by carrot salad and marinated beets

Stuffed Green Bell Peppers


1 pc 16.00


Green bell pepper stuffed with a combination of sautéed vegetables: celery, potatoes, carrots, turnips, onions, paprika, and cilantro. Served with brown rice, carrot salad, marinated beets

Uzbek Chick Pea Stew Nukhat

A traditional dish of chick peas slowly simmered with onions, tomatoes and a hint of cinnamon. Topped with chopped onion, served with Tashkent Carrot Vinaigrette salads

Wild Quail

1 pc 16.00
Seasoned whole quails grilled, served on the bed of mashed potatoes with poached prunes, raisins in wine sauce, sautéed baby spinach and Madera wine-berry sauce. 2 pcs 28.00

Chicken Croquettes Pozharskie Kotleti

1 pc 16.00
Fluffy and delicate ground chicken patties rolled in bread cubes, baked and served with buckwheat kasha, marinated beets, carrot salad, and mushroom cream sauce 2 pcs 27.00

Chicken Breast Roulette

Skin on chicken breast stuffed with spinach and ground chicken. Served with a savory mushroom sauce, sautéed baby spinach, carrot salad and mashed potatoes

Georgian Chicken Tapaka

Whole tender baby chicken, flattened, brushed with pepper, paprika and garlic, then sautéed to a golden crust; served with mashed potatoes, spicy tomato sauce and carrot salad (allow 30 minutes)

Chicken Kebob Shashlik

White meat Kabobs marinated then grilled to perfection. Served on a bed of rice, fresh onions, carrot salad and Uzbek tomato sauce

Moldavian Meatballs

Meatballs of ground chicken and onions, simmered in a sweet and sour tomato sauce. Served on a bed of buckwheat kasha, with marinated beets and with sauerkraut sautéed with fresh cabbage

Classic Stuffed Cabbage Golubtsi

1 roll 17.00
Cabbage roll stuffed with a traditional filling of ground beef, chicken, carrots, and sautéed onions. Simmered in sweet and sour tomato sauce. Served with buckwheat kasha, sour cream and carrot salad 2 rolls 26.00

Classic Beef Stroganoff

Our most popular entrée! Lean sirloin beef pieces sautéed and simmered in sour cream, Madeira wine, mushrooms, onions dill. Served over buckwheat with noodles, with carrot salad and beets

Wild Game Sausages

Kielbasa along with Wild Venison and Wild Buffalo Sausages are broiled, served over mashed potatoes, sautéed spinach, sautéed shiitake mushrooms and carrot salad

Chicken Paprikash

Chicken breast, simmered in the rich sauce of sour cream and paprika, served over polenta

Grilled Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic salmon under a delicate spinach cream sauce served with garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach