Farmer’s Cheese Blintzes

Two homemade crepes filled with sweetened farmer’s cheese, topped with berry sauce 12.00

Napoleon Torte

Delicate layers of puff pastry and Frangelico pastry cream 9.00

Klara’s Homemade Apricot and Plum Strudel

Strudel with Fruit Jam, walnuts, lemon and our homemade crust; served with berry sauce. 9.00

Crepes with Seasonal Berries

A la mode, rich seasonal sauce and vanilla cream drizzle 10.00

Bread Pudding Cupcake

Spiked warm bread pudding on a pool of cinnamon cream sauce 8.00

Chocolate Lava Cake

A dense chocolate cake, warmed chocolate center, vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate sauce 10.00


Choose between Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Curvature or Pistachio 7.00


Two homemade crunchy Eclairs with vanilla cream 9.00