• Farmer’s Cheese Blintzes

    Two homemade crepes filled with sweetened farmer’s cheese, topped with berry sauce 12.00

  • Napoleon Torte

    Five delicate layers of puff pastry and Frangelico pastry cream 9.00

  • Black Russky

    Decadent dark chocolate mousse on chocolate sponge glazed with ganache 9.50

  • Klara’s Homemade Apricot and Plum Strudel

    Strudel with Fruit Jam, walnuts, lemon and our homemade crust; served with berry sauce. 9.00

  • Apple Crepes Crepes

    A la mode, warm caramel apples, vanilla cream drizzle 10.00

  • Bread Pudding Bourbon

    Spiked warm bread pudding on a pool of cinnamon cream sauce 8.00

  • Chocolate Lava Cake

    A dense chocolate cake, warmed chocolate center, vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate sauce. 9.50

  • Triple Mousse Cake

    A welcome comeback of luscious layers of white chocolate, cocoa, and dark chocolate mousse 9.00

  • Two Homemade Éclairs 9.50
  • Chocolate Curvature Gelato

    Rich chocolate ice cream with bits of the finest French chocolate 7.00

  • Vanilla Bean Gelato

    100% pure vanilla with specks of fresh vanilla beans 7.00

  • Pistachio Gelato

    A velvety ice cream with pieces of Pistachio nuts 7.00

  • Lemon Sorbet

    A sorbet with a creamy texture and a fresh taste 7.00